3D kromitarra - 3D Chrome sticker

3D Brand label

  • With 3D brand label, you are able to stand out from the crowd
  • 100 % customised (colour, font and size)
  • Corrosion resistant (tested)
  • Attaches firmly to the surface with 3M sticker
  • Easy and fast to attach

Download here our brochure and get to know the 3D Brand label better!

Below you can see few examples of the 3D labels that we have produced:

D sticker aquador - 3D tarra aquador

To Aquador and Flipper boats, we designed and produced beautiful silver coloured chrome stickers that give justice to the beautiful design of the boat itself.

3D sticker Flipper - 3D tarra Flipper

Excellent quality ensures durability 

Our 3D labels endure throughout the toughest weather conditions and demand usage. The label withstands sunshine, UV radiation and exposure to salt water.

To guarantee excellent quality, the stickers have been tested together with Bureu Veritas. The laboratory tests showed that our labels are high-quality and corrosion resistant. Besides laboratory testing, our labels have shown their strength in the harsh conditions of Marine industry.

Installing 3D Brand label

Installation of the 3D brand label is easy and fast. During the design and production process, the letters have been installed to their assigned positions and they will stay in their spots during installation due to protective plastic and cardboard paper between the letters.

Price of 3D Brand label

The price of the 3D label depends on the order quantity, size and the number of needed moulds (1 letter = 1 mould). Every mould has one-time tooling cost. Notice that we do cooperation with companies that have bigger order quantities (min. 100 pieces).

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