We at Tietoset want to work with industrial customers who share our desire to improve. Our mission is to rethink and innovate products so that the end client of our customer enjoys either improved performance, higher quality or lower price.

With new customers we would like to build relationship on our current expertise and existing product portfolio. With existing customers we want to deepen our partnership by taking on new challenges and re-engineering needs. In all cases, we are interested in knowing the value of the proposed business to us. We always evaluate the customer need and make a quick decision whether it makes sense to move forward in solution search. We always seek win-win situations and think that it is in the best interest of our customers as well.

Our customers operate in various industries from furniture producers to antenna manufacturers. At present our most important customer segment is marine. Our Finnish customers in this segment include companies such as Bella-Boats, Terhitec, MP-Venekuomu and VA-Varuste.

We invite you to take a look at our product portfolio.