Tietoset Marine products

We are able to supply basic models of bow hooks that fit to every boat. Customization is possible in big order quantities. Ask us for more information if you couldn't find the bow hook for your need from these options.

Bow eye 1
  • Width 40mm
  • Height 40mm
  • Mounting distance 35mm
  • M8 screw

Bow Eye 2
  • Width 50mm
  • Height 40mm
  • Mounting distance 40mm
  • M10 screw


Bow eye 3
  • Width 50mm
  • Height 55mm
  • Mounting distance 40mm
  • M10 screw

Bow eye 4
  • Width 60mm
  • Height 62mm
  • Mounting distance 56mm
  • M12 screw

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N.B. Minimum order quantity 1000+ pieces


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