Tietoset Marine products

We have basic models for rod-, cup- and flag holder. The products are made from durable stainless steel AISI316 and all of the models are also available with black-ti coating. Customization of the products is possible in bigger order quantities.

Rod holder

Our rod holder is available either in stainless steel or with black-ti coating and either with black or white rubber cover.

  • Casted - Height 241mm, diameter 41mm
  • Welded - Height 233mm, diameter 48mm

Flag holder

Flag holder

Flag holder and flag pole are available either in stainless steel or with with black-ti coating.

  • Flag holder (height 40mm, diameter 25mm) 
  • Flag pole (height 600mm or 750mm, diameter 25mm) 


Cup holder


We have two different models of cupholder that are also both available in black-ti

  • Small (height 44,5mm,  diameter - edges 87,2mm, diameter - bottom 73mm)
  • Large (height 85,3mm, diameter - edges 108mm, diameter - bottom 73mm)

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