Tietoset Marine products

From fittings-section, you are able to find different components and products to your boats. All of our fittings are made from hand polished AISI316 and they can be customised in high order volumes.


Mounting plate (flat)

  • Height 37mm
  • Length 62mm
  • Width 18mm
  • Thickness 5,5mm
Mounting plate (pyramid)
  • Height 18mm
  • Length 50mm
  • Width 22mm
  • Thickness 4,5mm
Offset deck fitting
  • Tube diameter 20, 22 or 25mm
  • For left or right 
Knobs, nupit

• Diameter 28/26mm

End cap
End cap

• Tube diameter 20, 22 or 25mm

Side fitting
Side fitting

• Tube diameter 20, 22 or 25mm

Deck fitting
Deck fitting

• Length 48mm, mounting distance 30mm, height 60mm

Eye straps
  • Small: Width 48mm, height 15mm, mounting distance 35mm
  • Medium: Width 55mm, height 20mm, mounting distance 40mm
  • Big: Width 62mm, height 20mm, mounting distance 47mm

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