Tietoset Marine products

From our standard models you can find many options for locks and latches. Below you can see the components that we have already produced. Contact us if you don't find the lock or latch for your need. We can see if your order quantity is big enough to start cooperation and production.

Locks & Latches

Slam lock
  • Frame diameter 61mm
  • Height 29,5mm
Compression hatchlock
  • Frame diameter 78mm
  • Height with oRing tap 90,2mm
  • Lock frame heigth 12,3mm
Slam latch
  • Frame diameter 61mm
  • Height 29,5mm
  • Length 70mm
  • Width 23mm w/knob
  • 17mm, the holder
Latch w/hook
  • Available in mirror polished or anonized outlook
  • Length 104-105mm
  • Width 25,3mm
  • Height 17,5mm
  • Length 94-104mm
  • Width 22,3mm
  • Height 17,5mm
Rubber latch
Rubber latch
  • Length 151mm
  • Width 38mm
Rubber latch
Rubber latch
  • Length 96,5mm
  • Width 29mm
  • Flexible draw latch

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N.B. Minimum order quantity 250+ for products in top row and for the rest 500-1000+ pieces


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