Our service objective is always to IMPROVE customer’s products, which then results in IMPROVED COMPETITIVENESS for the customer.

Our approach on improvement task is end-client centred. We must be able to justify every change in terms of improved PERFORMANCE , lower PRICE or higher QUALITY . In the very best case we are able to achieve all three objectives at once. This is the Tietoset way of working.

We always work in close cooperation with our customer. At the first stage of service timeline customer defines the objectives and mutual ideation takes place toward ideal design. At the second stage prototype and samples are produced and approved by the customer. After the final fine-tuning production series are put in motion.

Unique, high quality product solutions are an excellent way for our customers to stand apart from competition in details. We at Tietoset want to make sure that purchase of premium products and components is as riskless as possible to our customers. Thus, we operate in a manner where customer receives 0-series and samples at no extra cost to ensure quality after having placed the order.


Ideation and Design


We work closely with the customer in identifying the goal to be achieved with product re-engineering. Often we are able to suggest alternative production methods for better price and/or quality.

Prototype and Testing


We want to ensure customer satisfaction. Prototypes and 0-series are provided to customer at no additional costs once the order has been placed. Laboratory tests are regularly used in controlling the quality.

Production Series


The end result is always excellent, high-quality product that fully meets the need of the end customer. Often both performance and price is better than before and production series run for years.


Can we help you to improve your products and customer satisfaction?

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