Quality control

Quality Control

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Ensuring high-quality components and products through proactive processes and partners in quality control.

Proactive work

We proactively oversee the work at the factories and control the output so that the customer expectations can be met with the finished product. Our local personnel regularly visit the factories and audits them to ensure both quality and ethical work methods of our manufacturers.

Through close relationships with our manufacturers, we can build our cooperation on mutual trust. We always aim for win-win -situations where our manufacturing partners can take pride in their work while receiving repeating orders, and our customers can enjoy prime quality goods.

Having local Chinese speaking purchasers enables us to have a direct dialogue about our customer’s needs and wishes with the manufacturers. Thus, it makes possible to tailor existing products to suit the need, or to for instance affect the raw material mixtures used in order to optimise corrosion resistance and product lifetime.

Our partners in quality control

We work together with MikpolisSGS Taiwan and ProQC in order to do quality testings and pre-shipment check-ups.

With SGS Taiwan we do local R&D collaboration for uv-, salt spray and material -testings and with ProQC we cooperate with quality control of departing production batches.

On top of pre-shipment check-ups, we also perform post-shipment tests in Finland partnering with Mikpolis to ensure constant high-quality of our products. Mikpolis performs various laboratory tests such as material, salt spray and UV-tests. We also use their expertise in R&D in order to create and test new ideas resulting in new and improved products.

Mikpolis QC test - brand label

Mikpoli's latest quality control test of our brand labels (1/2018).

ProQC pre-shipment assesment

ProQC's pre-shipment assessment with photos