Why to work with us?

Why to work with us?

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We are able to provide you with both standard and customised products and components with a reasonable price. Regardless of us being price competitive, we never settle for quality – we always want to provide our customers high-quality products. To ensure the high-quality, we regularly conduct quality control together with Mikpolis and ProQC.

We have the solution for you

We want to produce you a solution that truly meets your and your customer’s needs. That is why we take time to discuss each component and product together with you.

We brainstorm together to create new ideas and solutions and then based on mutual discussion, we take projects onwards and design the needed component or product. After that, our purchaser Perry looks for the best contract manufacturer for the component or product in need. To ensure the quality and your satisfaction, we will send you 0-series samples from the production patch with a small tool cost that will be refunded in the order.

Customised solutions help you to improve your end product

Besides of standard products, our strength lies in customisation. Whether you want to change the mounting distance of our standard cleat with 2 mm or to design a new product from a scratch, we are able to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, we are more than happy to tell you more about our possibilities.

How we work:

1. Brainstorming and designing

We brainstorm together with our customer to design a product or a component that fits to their and their customer’s need. Often, we are able to suggest alternative production methods for a better price and/or quality.

2. Prototype and testing

To ensure customer satisfaction, prototypes and 0-series are provided with a small tool fee that will be refunded in the order. Laboratory tests are regularly used in controlling the quality.

3. Production series

As an end result, our customer receives a high-quality product that fully meets the need of their customer. Most of the time both performance and price are better than before and production series run for years.

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