Ladder: Foldable ladder


Foldable ladder suits perfectly to different boat models and needs. This model is easy to attach to any boat model, thanks to the adjustment plates and modifiability. Using the ladder is super easy and effortless. The ladder is firmly secured when not in use and it does not shake or make noise at any cruising speed.

Foldable ladder leg cover       Foldable ladder attachment styles


The spring ladder is available in 4 different finishing styles:

  • Foldable, 4-steps, Economy-finish (401E)
  • Foldable, 4-steps, Premium-finish (401P)
  • Foldable, 3-steps, Economy-finish (301E)
  • Foldable, 3-steps, Premium-finish (301P)

When leaving request for quote, please let us know which model you would be interested in and how many ladders you would need.

Minimum order quantity: standard 100+ pieces. Customised are always considered case by case.