Ladder: Spring


Spring lock model fits under the swimming platform, giving client excellent usability. The ladder is easily lowered down to water and it sets to a pleasant 105-degree angle making the experience even more enjoyable. The angle also protects the boat as it prevents the ladder from rocking against it.

The spring lock makes the ladder easy to use and it also keeps the ladder firmly on the spot when it is not used. Absolutely no dragging behind the boat. Guaranteed!


The spring ladder is available in 4 different finishing styles:

  • Spring lock, 4-steps, Economy-finish (402E)
  • Spring lock, 4-steps, Premium-finish (402P)
  • Spring lock, 3-steps, Economy-finish (302E)
  • Spring lock, 3-steps, Premium-finish (302P)

When leaving request for quote, please let us know which model you would be interested in and how many ladders you would need.

Minimum order quantity: standard 100+ pieces. Customised are always considered case by case.