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X-Latch, Marine

Combines beautiful stainless steel looks with rubber latch usability

Revolutionary Deck Latch – Best of Both Worlds Come Together with X-Latch

X-Latch solves the challenge all boaters are familiar with – steel latches that open up or make rattling noise and rubber latches that fall apart. The revolutionary X-latch solves these problems by joining the beauty and protection provided by stainless steel with the usability of the rubber core on the inside. The result is an elegant looking, lockable latch that is easy to use even with thick fishing gloves. The X-Latch tightens well, keeps the hatch closed even in rough boating and does not rattle at any speed. Moreover, it simplifies the latch design while adding value to the end client.

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Background of the Invention

The objective of the X-Latch was to develop a latch durable in all conditions. Typically, latches are made of metal to achieve a needed durability against environmental conditions and protection against external forces. However, in use metal parts tend to wear and they may loosen over time. Thus, worn metal latches do not work properly and may even open by themselves. In some applications rubber locking segments are used. However, rubber tends to perish over time, especially when exposed to environmental conditions such as UV radiation and weather. 

X-latch solves both of these issues by combining the best elements of stainless steel and rubber latch in just one product making it the most user-friendly latch in the market. In the X-latch the top part is made of stainless steel aisi316 that creates an elegant and beautiful finishing. Apart from well-thought design, it also protects the rubber part from direct sunlight preventing ageing due to UV. The inside of the latch has all the benefits of a rubber latch – It tightens well, and it doesn’t open even in rough boating. Due to the slightly bigger design, the latch is easy to use for example with thick fishing gloves.


– EXCELLENT usability

– ELEGANT appearance

– LASTING performance

– STABLE design

– CLOSES firmly and does not rattle

– THE BEST deck latch in the market

X-Latch, drawing

For boat manufacturers


  • Pricing starting from 9,90 EUR/USD. Ask for a price based on your need.

For distributors

We are looking for worldwide distribution for this revolutionary new product.

Single-packing and retail sale display units included. Recommended retail sale price is 39,90 EUR/USD

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